Thursday, September 16, 2010

Erin from B98.7 is our hostess with the mostess....

Speak to Fortune Teller Margaret Ruth
uncover things about yourself only your hairdresser knows.....

Ya Ya Diva's
A Guide to Attending Your First Ya Ya Sisterhood Party

Put on the Ritz
Ruffles, bows, fancy dresses, and feather boas... nothing is to " over the top" for the Ya Ya Sisterhood Party.  have a grand coctail ring but no fancy parties to wear it to? Get a few more to keep it company and wear it.  Flippery, regalia, finery, and baubles are all part of the evening's magic.
Wear a Headress
Wearing your own special headdress is the crowning touch, a way to transform the everyday you into an extraordinary Ya Ya Sister.  Making a headdress to express your true, beautiful inner self is all a part of the fun. Create the most stupendous, outrageous, and unique headdress in the world.  Obtain a "base hat" from your closet, the attic, or a vintage shop.  Use supplies at hand or visit a craft store, or make a head band that evening in the emporium.
Princess and Her majesties
It;s true that we can't choose our own name at birth, but we can name ourselves a member of the Ya Ya sisterhood.  The goal is to honor each other, welcome your new name and celebrate the glorious uniqueness of you.
Spend the evening wandering amidst your sisters, cast a spell on your troubles, and speak with a Wise Woman.  Eat divine foods befitting a queen and laugh until your tummy hurts.  Also shop until you drop.

Ya Ya Sisterhood Party

Viscountess Crazy-like-a-Fox
and Countess Feisty Pants

 It is time once again for The Emporium's annual Ya Ya Sisterhood Party. Come join the fun Saturday, October 16th from 6-9pm. 

 Take a peak at the fun you will have!
Queen Ruthie ( the best Ya Ya hat maker)

So excited for the party!

Ya Ya Invite

Charmed for Sure
Kim and her daughter

Little Ya Ya's welcome too!

<><>Sofisticated Ya Ya's
Queen Emily and Countess Cheryl

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fancy up a boring sofa...

We have just been to market in Las Vegas, while we were there we were looking for sofa's.  So since all you probably have a couple of sofa's in your cute houses were are going to share a few thoughts with you on choosing a sofa; what you might look for, at least color and pattern wise. Layering and neutral will be our focus.

Pick a neutral sofa in grays or cream's or whatever you room is telling you to use. in our case we have a cream sofa with a little brown ticking to work with.  So watch the same sofa change with every pillow and accessory.

Handsome cream sofa with nailheads, dark rug and
HOLY COW add an ottoman with animal print.

Add some black,cream and brown pillows.  Great look! Inexpensive pillows with some higher end ones.

Let's do some fun!
Red this time
Same sofa
Change the picture
Add lamp and rugs
Try Layering rugs
Red shaggy rug underneath the plaid one, Holy Cow pillows
Same sofa different look!
Then add a gold and black sofa table.
This one would have worked with the first picture with the Holy Cow Ottoman too!

Let's do it once more, different picture, different ottoman and you can see the new rug a little bit in the corner of the picture!
Different pillows and again a whole new look!

 All from the same cream sofa, yeah!

This time lets take a brown ticking (tiny stripe sofa) comfy cozy, but not that exciting.

Lets try red and brown. Most of these pillows are euro shams from bedding ensembles.
So when the husband takes a nap on it after he's been at the gym (sweaty, eww), or the cat curls up on it, YEP, you guessed it... You can throw these suckers in the wash and they're all clean and smellin good again.
Spray a little linen water and your sofa just became heaven, again.
Now you can take a little nap.

Now, let's try the very popular chocolate and robins egg blue... Yeah, same story as before.
Okay, pick some colors and get to pillowing!