Monday, August 10, 2009

What is an ACCESSORY?

Accessories are the frosting on the CAKE, the feather in your cap, the pearls around your NECK. They make the room and they make the WOMAN.

Join us at the Emporium between August 6th - August 22nd for our ACCESSORY SALE!
Get 25% off adornments, attachments, bells and whistles, decorations, doodads, embellishments, extras, frills, ornaments, trimmings, accents, and all things fancy shmancy...

Now I know what you are thinking... "Is that fantastic picture frame that I saw on $2 buck Tuesday on SALE????"

YES, ABSOLUTELY! Let me tell you what else...
Clocks, Rugs, Lamps, Wall Decor, Most Jewelry, Most Clothing, Statues, and lots more!

Ok, Ok! What isn't?
Brighton Jewelry, Designer Jeans, Hats, Dishes, Bedding, Lotions, Perfume, Candy, Books, and a couple things here and there.

Come in and shop with us during this great sale and one of our lovely lady helpers can help you accessorize your cute room or your cute self!