Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fathers Day is coming

We still have a few of the amazing Leather Chairs to give dad.

and we have fathers day all tied up in a box
We have some already made up (choose and go)
or create your own.
Go Here for more information and to order!!!
The Emporium is Crazy with great buys.

It feels like everything in the Emporium
is on SALE

We are carring the furniture Sale over until June 26th, lucky you!

The walk litely sale started June 4th
and will also continue through June 26

So besides every piece of furniture marked down
Now lamps and rugs are
20%-50% off
yeah yeah for you!!!!!

BIG lamps
small lamps
skinny lamps
lamps that match your bedroom
Lamps with Birds and silky shades
more lamps with birds-
we have bird issues
This lamp has no bird
but what an amazing shade
We love this one
Do you?
Lights that hang from the ceiling
They are on sale too
Love the Crystals!!!
A rug can change your whole room.
Find a rug we have to match your room
or Special order just the right one
for 25% off